Hello, 111th

Tuesday's World Events - January 13, 2009


1. Why has the Democratic leadership opposed seating Roland Burris, Illinois Democrat? (Think about what you know from the news about the Illinois governor.)

2. Why was one of the Minnesota Senators not in attendance during the swearing in of the 111th Congress this week?

3. List the makeup of the 111th Senate by party affiliation. (How many Democrats, etc?)

4. Why will four of the Senators sworn in this week leave the Senate next week? (Who are they and where will they go?)

5. Who was re-elected to be Speaker of the House for the next session?

6. List the makeup of the 111th House of Representatives by party affiliation.

7. List the Representatives from your state. Which Congressman represents the district you live in?
(Find the answer at the House of Representatives website at house.gov.)