DNA Dilemma

Tuesday's World Events - June 3, 2008


 1. a) Who is Kristine Crouch?
b) How does Ms. Crouch view the role of CODIS?

2. How does Indiana's law on state databanks differ from that of other states like Maryland and Minnesota?

3. How would the new federal policy guidelines change state laws?

4. a) How many profiles does the FBI's CODIS databank currently contain?
b) How many profiles will probably be added annually?
c) What group will make up the majority of new profiles?

5. For what reasons are Sen. Pat Leahy and the American Civil Liberties Union opposed to the new federal guidelines?

6. Why doesn't Andrew Grossman of The Heritage Foundation oppose the new federal guidelines?

7. How has DNA evidence helped solve more than 46,000 criminal investigations throughout the nation?

8. What conclusion did an independent study commissioned by the Department of Justice make in 2004?

9. How does the Innocence Project use DNA testing to help people?

10. a) What is the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act?
b) What are the limits of the genetic information contained in CODIS profiles?
c) Do you think that GINA and the limits on CODIS are enough to protect the rights of American citizens? Explain your answer.

11. a) What is Jennifer Lahl's main concern with DNA collection?
b) Do you think Ms. Lahl has a legitimate point? Explain your answer.

12. Describe the practical and legal challenges faced by DNA database centers. (from para. 19-21)

13. As the pool of databank profiles grows, the chance of a mismatch increases. Do you think a law should be added to require a prosecutor to request a more detailed genetic analysis of DNA evidence if a person suspected of a crime claims he is innocent? (As in the case in Great Britain in para. 21) Explain your answer.

14. Do you believe the federal guidelines for DNA collection will benefit society? Explain your answer.

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