Ballot Business

Tuesday's World Events - October 21, 2008


1.  a) How many states will have ballot proposals on their ballots in November? 
b)  Which three states have the greatest number of proposals on their ballots in November?
(See the pdf document "Election Preview" under Ballotwatch 2008 at for the answers.)

2.  Read about the Initiative and Referendum process under "Background" below.
Then read more about ballot measures (initiatives and referendums) at the Initiative and Referendum website
And view of map of the types of ballot measures states have at
a) What type of initiative process does your state have?
b) What type of ballot measures do you think your state should have?  Explain your answer.

3.  What is the difference between an initiative and a referendum?
(See "What are ballot propositions, initiatives, and referendums?" at
for the answer.)

4.  Describe the ballot measures/initiatives/proposals that will be on your state's ballot in November.

5.  Read the list of ballot measures in this article.  List the issues included in the ballot measures described in the article.

6.  Which issue from the list in answer #5 is the most important to you?  Why?

7.  Read the pdf document "Same-Sex Marriage" under Ballotwatch 2008 at
a)  Which three states have ballot measures to define marriage as between one man and one woman only?
b)  How many states have already passed such measures?
c)  What does the information on states' banning of gay marriage tell you about people's attitudes toward traditional marriage?  Explain your answer.