Back from the Brink

Tuesday's World Events - May 27, 2008


1.  Read the Background on Kenya below.  Name the two candidates who ran in Kenya's December presidential election. 

2.  a) What has happened in the aftermath of December's presidential election?
b)  How many people lost their homes and jobs as a result of the violence after the marred  election?

3.  When was a peace accord signed between the opposing candidates?

4.  How is the coalition government attempting to get Kenyans to move forward after the recent violence between the followers of each candidate?

5.  Why are Kenyans who were displaced by the fighting finding it difficult to get their lives back to normal?

6.  What actions do you think President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga should take to foster reconciliation among the people?

PLEASE NOTE:  "Answers by Email" has ended for the summer.