A Cruel Type of Kindness

Tuesday's World Events - September 22, 2009


1. What is the purpose of Don Eberly's book?

2. What does Mr. Eberly see as the problem of top-down (central government controlled) programs?

3. Mr. Eberly quotes Thomas Dichter in his book. Why does Mr. Dichter say that he and other experts in international development efforts do not believe that monetary aid to African governments has been effective?

4. What is the only way aid to poor countries can be effective, according to Mr. Eberly?

5. What effect has the corruption and fraud associated with billions of dollars in aid had on African countries, according to the Journal of Foreign Affairs?

6. List the solutions Mr. Eberly proposes to make foreign aid actually assist the people it is intended to help.

7. Monetary aid to African and other developing countries is viewed by many as compassionate.  Mr. Eberly disagrees.  What do you think of his assertion and proposed solution?  Ask a parent the same question.