News quiz for week ending 8/27/10

Friday's News Quiz   —   Posted on August 27, 2010


1. In what country has flooding affected millions of people?
a) Peru
b) Pakistan
c) China
d) Mexico

2. What group of people stand to gain from the misery of those affected by the flooding?
a) looters
b) drug cartels
c) Islamic militants
d) flood cleanup companies

3. A federal judge this week put a temporary hold on federal funding for _________________, a policy that President Obama had instituted by lifting the Bush administration's previous restrictions.
a) hiring more border patrol officers
b) flu shots for every American
c) overseas abortions
d) embryonic stem cell research
e) adult stem cell research

4. What can the Obama administration do about the judge's ruling?  (Choose 2 answers)
a) replace the judge with one more supportive of their position
b) fight the lawsuit/judge's ruling
c) take advantage of the Democratic majority in Congress to repeal the Dickey-Wicker Amendment
d) issue a second executive order overruling the judge's ruling

5. In what country were miners, who had been trapped for over 2 weeks, finally located a half mile below ground?
a) Chili
b) Colombia
c) China
d) Venezuela

6. What word best describes the miners' attitudes when communication was established with them?
a) desperate
b) despondent
c) resolute
d) despairing

7. Scientists recently discovered a new type of oil-eating ____________ that is helping to disperse the oil in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP spill.
a) fish
b) seaweed
c) barnacle
d) microbe

8. Scientists were unnecessarily concerned that the oil-eating being would consume large amounts of ___________ in the water, creating a "dead zone" dangerous to other aquatic life.
a) salt
b) fish
c) oxygen
d) carbon dioxide

9. After a year-long investigation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested three Muslim men for planning terrorist activities. The men had all but which one of the following in their homes:
a) books and manuals for making explosives
b) a life-sized portrait of Osama bin Laden
c) circuit boards designed to detonate bombs remotely
d) videos for making explosives

10. The men were charged with which one of the following?
a) intent to implement Sharia law throughout Canada
b) intent to convert as many Canadians to Islam as possible
c) intent to build explosive devises for terrorist purposes
d) tax evasion

"Answers by Email" will resume the week of September 7.  Answers for this quiz will be posted here Monday afternoon (8/30).