News quiz for week ending 6/8/12

Friday's News Quiz   —   Posted on June 8, 2012


1.  Which of the following was an actual news story this year?
a)  the Supreme Court votes to uphold the Health Care law, also known as Obamacare
b)  President Obama voices public support in favor of traditional marriage
c)  NFL sues former players over traumatic head injuries
d)  EPA drops lawsuit accusing Texas energy company of contaminating drinking water with fracking

2.  Who is no longer the head of his country's government?

a.                        b.                      c.                   d.  




3.  Great Britain celebrated Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee this month, marking ___________ on the throne.
a)  50 years
b)  60 years
c)  25 years
d)  75 years

4.  British Queen Elizabeth II became Queen in:
a)  1945
b)  1952
c)  1975
d)  1918

5.  The state of _________________ will begin implementing a state-wide school voucher program this Fall.
a)  California
b)  Texas
c)  Louisiana
d)  New York

6.  Those opposed to the state-wide voucher program include the ACLU and:
a)  parents
b)  teachers unions
c)  students
d)  taxpayers

7.  The Walt Disney Co. announced this week that it will ban ads for ________________ on its TV channels, radio stations and websites intended for children.
a)  alcohol
b)  junk food
c)  foods which contain salt
d)  Disney movie toys

8.  The purpose of Disney's new policy is to:
a)  encourage kids to respect their parents
b)  improve their public image
c)  teach kids to love themselves
d)  promote healthy eating habits

9.  The attempt to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was led by:
a)  unions
b) environmentalists
c)  the Boy Scouts of America
d)  George Soros

10.  Gov. Walker ______________________, which led to the attempted recall.
a)  balanced the state budget
b)  increased government aid to low-income families
c)  reduced state and local government workers’ job benefits and bargaining rights
d)  reduced property taxes

NOTE:  This is the last News Quiz of the school year.  Daily News Articles and Quizzes will resume at the end of August.
[Also, "Answers by Email" has ended for the summer.   Answers to this quiz will be posted here on Monday--scroll down for answers.]