Trump predicts media reports

Wednesday's Example of Media Bias   —   Posted on February 22, 2017

President Trump held a press conference on Thursday (Feb. 16) that lasted for over an hour.

During the press conference, the President predicted how it would be reported. He said:

“Tomorrow, they will say, ‘Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.’ I’m not ranting and raving. I’m just telling you. You know, you’re dishonest people. But—but I’m not ranting and raving. I love this. I’m having a good time doing it.”

Don Irvine of Accuracy in Media reports:

“My initial search of the media’s description of the press conference consisted of the words ‘unhinged, un-American, wild, bluster, bizarre, contentious, and disturbing.’ Not only did they prove his point that the media aren’t going to report honestly about him, but also about how predictable they have become because of their anti-Trump sentiments.”

Watch a clip from the press conference below. Or watch/listen to the full press conference at the White House video page.