Editorializing in a News Report

Wednesday's Example of Media Bias   —   Posted on March 16, 2011

“After years of claiming presidential immunity to avoid legal proceedings, [Former French President] Jacques Chirac is finally facing a court,” the Associated Press’s Jamey Keaten reports. That sentence could have done without the “finally,” which strikes us as a bit of anti-Chirac editorializing. But the second paragraph is much worse:

The former president, a bugaboo for George W. Bush during his rush to war in Iraq, on Monday becomes France’s first former head of state to go on trial since its Nazi-era leader was exiled.

“Rush to war” is unmistakably anti-Bush, but calling Chirac a “bugaboo”–an imagined or exaggerated object of fear–manages to insult Chirac as well, by suggesting that he was of little importance even when he was president of France.

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