CNN: One Year Analysis

Wednesday's Example of Media Bias   —   Posted on December 17, 2008
Since bases more and more of its coverage on video, [HonestReporting] decided to analyze CNN video reports available online. … [Their] goal was to determine whether CNN was giving more time to footage favoring one side of the [Israeli-Palestinian] conflict over the other. [They] found that video footage favored the Palestinians over Israel by an almost two-to-one margin.

Summary of Findings from November 1, 2007- October 31, 2008 [are as follows]:

  • Sixty-seven minutes of the combined CNN video segments were spent airing images sympathetic to the situation of the Palestinians. Only a total of 31 minutes and forty-five seconds illustrated the Israeli side.
  • Almost twice as many people interviewed (56) were critical of Israeli polices as opposed to those who were critical of Palestinian actions or defended Israel (30).
  • Twenty-one out of thirty-one cases (67%) in which CNN hosted raw footage on its website reflected negatively on Israel.

Read the complete HonestReporting analysis [includes video clip examples] at