CBS and ABC Falsely Describe Medicare Spending Hike as a Cut

Wednesday's Example of Media Bias   —   Posted on February 13, 2008

from the post:
President Bush’s fiscal 2009 budget proposal calls for a 7.5 percent hike in Defense spending and a 5 percent jump in spending for Medicare and Medicaid, but while CBS anchor Katie Couric on Monday night correctly stated that Pentagon spending would “in the Bush plan, she erroneously asserted “spending on Medicare and Medicaid would go down.” Similarly, while ABC’s Martha Raddatz cited the call for an “increase” in DOD’s budget, she falsely reported: “Medicare and Medicaid would be cut by almost $200 billion.”
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On FNC’s Special Report with Brit Hume, reporter James Rosen scolded the sloppy reporting of his journalistic colleagues, specifically how “the New York Times’ lead article on the subject referred matter of factly to the ‘trimming’ of Medicare and Medicaid. In fact, Medicare will continue to see its budget grow, by 5 percent instead of 7.2 percent.”……………..