Why “Merry Christmas” Matters to America

Thursday's Editorial - December 15, 2011


1. For each statement made by Carol Liebau in her commentary, write agree or disagree and explain your answer:


__________________ "The White House [said that their holiday] card represents nothing but an attempt to recognize that Americans are celebrating other holidays at this time of year –not just Christmas. ...That approach...reflects a world view that’s out-of-step with most regular Americans..." (from para. 2)


__________________ "...A December 2008 USA Today/Gallup poll found that 93% of Americans celebrate Christmas. How offended could Americans be by a reference to a holiday that they themselves are celebrating?" (from para. 3)


__________________ "it’s not clear why the elimination of “Christmas” (or any Bible reference) on the Obamas’ card is deemed necessary. How many reasonable Christian people would be upset by the use of “Happy Hannukah” in Israel or “blessed Ramadan” in a majority Muslim country? Would a normal Christian be incensed –even in a majority-Christian country like America – by being wished a “Happy Hannukah” by a Jewish person...or a “blessed Ramadan” by an observant Muslim one? Let’s hope not. After all, those are benedictions, not curses." (from para. 4)


2. Do you think Carol Liebau makes a strong case for acknowledging Christmas? Explain your answer.