Trump’s bipartisan politics only surprising because of Obama

Thursday's Editorial - September 21, 2017


1. The purpose of an editorial/commentary is to explain, persuade, warn, criticize, entertain, praise or answer. What do you think is the purpose of Mr. Goodwin’s editorial? Explain your answer.

2. What is the main idea of this editorial?

3. In his commentary Mr. Goodwin makes the following assertions:

“If Trump is looking for a model of how to govern, Obama offers the worst possible lesson. His signature achievements, ObamaCare and the Iran nuclear deal, were both sold on lies, and both are failing.” (para. 17)

“Time and again, Americans show they want divided government, believing sensibly that both parties need to have their power checked by the other.” (para. 18)

a) Do you agree with each/either assertion? Explain your answers.
b) Ask a parent the same question. Discuss your answers.

Read the text of President Trump’s comments in the bipartisan meeting with congreesional leaders at

Watch the meeting below or at the WhiteHouse youtube page.