The value of human life

Thursday's Editorial   —   Posted on April 2, 2018

On Feb. 26, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin joined a panel of experts gathered at American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington D.C. to discuss the foster case system and potential reform.

Gov. Bevin described his experience with bureaucracies when he and his wife tried to adopt an 11-year-old girl from the Kentucky foster system.

Following the panel discussion titled: “Reforming foster care systems at the state level” Gov. Bevin was taking questions when an independent consultant stood up and asked him about gun control.

Specifically the questioner said she wanted to know how the governor could advocate that children’s lives are the most important, while in the wake of the Parkland shooting he said the push for gun control should not be the issue, [that he instead says] that culture is partially to blame for the epidemic of gun violence.

Watch the video of the woman’s question and Gov. Bevin’s answer: