The Tyranny of Google

Thursday's Editorial - September 16, 2010


1. Define the following words as used in the commentary:
autonomy (para. 2)
totalitarianism, insidious, tyranny, siphoning (para. 4)
enmity, brook, incubate (para. 5)

2. Why don't totalitarians want people to have privacy, according to Matt Patterson?

3. Read the following assertions Matt Patterson makes about Google's Schmidt. For each, state whether you agree or disagree. Explain your answers.

4. Is Matt Patterson overreacting to Google, or do you think he is making valid points every American should think about? Explain your answer.
Ask a parent the same question.

OPTIONAL:  Email your reaction to Mr. Patterson's commentary to Remember to identify yourself (name, school, state), name the article you are commenting on, and that you read it at Be clear, concise and polite.