The Palestinians’ U.N. Agenda

Thursday's Editorial - September 15, 2011


NOTE TO STUDENTS:  This is a challenging subject.  Do your best to understand Mr. Dershowitz's main points. When reading further about this topic, note that the mainstream media generally takes the Palestinians' side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Conservative media outlets generally support Israel.

1.  What is the main idea of Mr. Dershowitz's commentary?

2.  The Palestinians want the United Nations to recognize them as a state today, without having to negotiate peace with Israel.  What did the Palestinians and the entire Arab world do in 1947 when the U.N. promoted a partition plan giving both Jews and Palestinians their own states?

3.  What does Mr. Dershowitz say will happen if the Palestinians are given the right of return to Israel?

4.  What point does Mr. Dershowitrz make about the U.N.'s role in the world?

5.  U.S. bilateral assistance to Palestinians is forecast to be $502.9 million in 2010 and $550 million in 2011, according to the State Department and the Congressional Research Service. (from
On Sept. 4, 2011 the U.S. made a final appeal to the Palestinian Authority to drop its bid to seek statehood recognition at the U.N.  The Palestinian Authority rejected U.S. appeals.  Ask a parent to explain what he/she thinks of the Palestinian Authority's response.