The Morning Conference Call

Thursday's Editorial - March 12, 2009


NOTE:  Rahm Emanuel was a U.S. Congressman from 2002 until President Obama appointed him White House Chief of Staff when he took office. 
George Stephanopoulos started as a political analyst with ABC News in 1997 (after serving in the Clinton White House until 1996). In 2005, ABC News officially named him "Chief Washington Correspondent."

1. Why do you think ABC newsman George Stephanopoulos denied participating in conference calls with the President's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel?

2. Under "Background" below, read "The role of the White House Chief of Staff " What responsibility does the White House Chief of Staff have to suspend his daily conference calls with his good friends if they are members of the media?

3. Under "Background" below, read "The role of the media" and the information under "The Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics." What responsibility do members of the media have to suspend their daily conference calls with their good friend while he is the White House Chief of Staff?

4. Read the following "Reader Comments" that were posted in reaction to the article. With which do you agree/disagree? Explain your answers.

5. Discuss this article and your answers to the questions with a parent. How do your answers compare?