The Greatest Story Ever Told

Thursday's Editorial - December 16, 2010


1.  What is the main idea of Mr. Kohlmayer's commentary?

2.  In paragraph 14 Mr. Kohlmayer states the human predicament, addressed through Christmas and Easter: "God could not simply wink and let the guilty walk away without exacting the penalty that's due." [even though the guilty feel they have also done good in life]  Why does he say this is so?

3.  Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth.  This truth has been pushed out of the "public square".   Many retailers omit the word "Christmas" from their Christmas advertising.  Towns change the names of "Christmas" trees and parades to "Holiday" or "Winter". 
a) Why do you think retailers and towns remove the very reason for the celebration? 
b) If this is a valid reason, should the celebration then be completely eliminated?  Explain your answer.