The EPA Is Politicized-So Make It Official

Thursday's Editorial - January 17, 2013


NOTE TO STUDENTS:  This is an important topic, and an interesting proposal.  While the language of Mr. Hayward's commentary might be a bit challenging, look to understand the main idea.  Read the article once, then read the questions before reading it a second time.  Reading this commentary will help prepare you for college-level work, as well as and increase your ability to think clearly about important issues of the day.

1.  What is the EPA?
b)  What does the EPA do?
c)  How is the head of the EPA chosen?
d)  Why is EPA head Lisa Jackson stepping down from her position?

2.  What is the problem with the EPA, according to Mr. Hayward? (see para. 4-6)

3.  What solution does he propose? (see para. 3-5)

4.  How would this solution solve the problem? (see para. 7-8)