The African Terror Front

Thursday's Editorial - March 17, 2016


1. List the three main terrorist groups operating throughout various countries in Africa.

2. What actions has the Obama administration taken recently to aid these countries in their fight against these terrorist groups? (see para. 1-3, 5-7)

3. What problem do the editors identify in this editorial? (see para. 9)

4. Re-read the suggested solution from para. 10. Ask a parent: do you agree with this suggestion? Explain your answer.

5. Ask a parent:
a) Do you agree with assertion made in paragraph 11? Explain your answer.
b) Which presidential candidate do you think would do the best job of effectively combating the spread of these terrorist groups throughout Africa? Is this necessary to ultimately protect the American people? Or do you think he/she should continue President Obama's current course of action? Explain your answer.