Ten Takeaways from the Big Night

Thursday's Editorial - November 4, 2010


NOTE: earmarks, pork-barrel, or ear-mark spending is a process by which congressmen add expenses for special projects onto important legislation that have nothing to do with the legislation as a way of earning favor from voters in their states. Adding the expenses onto legislation that needs to get passed ensures that it will pass through Congress easily. The added expenses are used for special projects for Members of Congress to distribute to their constituents back home, courtesy of the federal taxpayer.

1. After their election-day victories, Mr. Tanner presents 10 suggestions for Republican lawmakers. Suggestions include cutting taxes and spending, banning earmarks and eliminating government regulation as a way to create more jobs. Of the 10 suggestions, which three do you think are the most important for our country? Explain your answer.

2. What suggestions does Mr. Tanner make for how Republicans can fight Obamacare? Do you think this is good advice? Explain your answer.

3. Which one of the 10 suggestions do you think is the least necessary? Why?