Take Us Back to ‘13

Thursday's Editorial - April 19, 2007


1.  For what reasons does Professor Larry Schweikart dislike income taxes?

2.  How did the U.S. government raise funds to pay its bills before a federal income tax was instituted?

3.  What amendment to the Constitution modified Article 1, Section 9 to allow Congress to collect income taxes?

4.  List the 3 arguments as described by Dr. Schweikart that Congress made for amending the Constitution to allow for the involuntary collection of a federal income tax.

5.  What factors led to the complicated (and high) tax system that we have today?

6.  What solution does Dr. Schweikart suggest to fix the tax code?

7.  CHALLENGE:  Calculate your family's income tax using the 1913 form found at taxfoundation.org/blog/show/642.html.  Compare it with the taxes your parents actually paid for [this past year].  

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