Submit or Die

Thursday's Editorial - September 28, 2006


1.  What is the main idea of Cliff May's commentary "Submit or Die?"

2.  List the reactions of prominent Muslims to the Pope's recent speech that were described in the article.  (Click here for an article detailing the Pope's speech.)

3.  Define infidel (para. 3) and dhimmi (para. 12).  Who are the infidels and dhimmis of 2006?  Why should all non-Muslims take the idea of dhimmis seriously?  Explain your answer.  (To read further about dhimmis, click here.)

4.  List the two examples of double-standard between Muslim and Western ("Christian") countries.

5.  According to Mr. May, why wouldn't a moderate Muslim condemn the actions of Muslim extremists/terrorists?

6.  What solution does Mr. May offer to the problem?

7.  OPTIONAL:  Send an email to Cliff May reacting to his commentary at