Saving the Trees and Killing the Children

Thursday's Editorial - January 24, 2008


1.  How many of the following words used in the commentary are you familiar with?

Look up the words you do not know.

2.  What do you think of Mrs. Shiver's statement:
"Thanks to a relatively small cadre of militant feminists and their judicial enablers, we Americans have permitted what is, I believe, the most heinous genocide ever perpetrated against a class of completely helpless human beings.  Our own offspring."

3.  Ask a grandparent to read this commentary and to give you his/her reaction.  Does your grandparent think that Mrs. Shiver's experience is unique or the norm for most Americans?

4.  OPTIONAL:  Email your reaction to Mrs. Shiver's commentary to  Remember to name the article you are commenting on, and that you read it at  Be clear, concise and polite.