Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment

Thursday's Editorial - April 15, 2010


NOTE TO STUDENTS: If you don't understand this commentary, please read and discuss with a parent. Tax levels will affect you in your future, and possibly lead to a lower standard of living than you now enjoy while living with your parents. You should understand this issue, and educate yourself about where political parties and candidates stand on this issue, and then vote for the candidate who supports your viewpoint.

1. The Sixteenth Amendment ratified in 1913 gave the federal government the right to tax citizens. For what purpose is the federal government permitted to tax the people?

2. Proposed fixes to the tax system include a flat tax and a National sales tax (also called value added tax - VAT) Why do conservatives and liberals both dislike the VAT?

3. Dr. Moreno dislikes our current tax system, calling it "ridiculously complex" and the tax code "ridiculously arcane." What solution does he offer?

4. What do you think about Dr. Moreno's suggested solution?