Remember Our Unsung Heroes

Thursday's Editorial - September 14, 2006


1.  What was James Roberts' purpose for writing this commentary?

2.  Why does Mr. Roberts believe that few soldiers have received any significant recognition from the U.S. government?

3.  Who is Wade Zirkle?  Why is he critical of the Bush administration?  What has he done to counter the lack of action by the government?
(Visit Wade Zirkle's website at

4.  Read the stories of the heroic deeds of the soldiers listed below:

List at least 3 character traits that these soldiers share.  Which story inspires you the most?  Why?  (For the original article with photos of these soldiers, click here.)

5.  Why do you think we see few reports about the heroic deeds of our soldiers in the news but there have been numerous reports about Guantanamo Bay prison and soldier misdeeds at Abu Ghraib? 

Consider writing to the news organization from which you get your news:
--Contact Information can be found at is not a U.S. government website.  It provides websites and email addresses for government officials and media representatives.  
--Go to to send an email to the editor of your local newspaper, expressing your opinion on the responsibility they have to publish stories about our soldiers' heroic deeds. (For further information about, click here.)

To read about the medals awarded to U.S. servicemen for heroism, go to the following: