On the Waterfront

Thursday's Editorial - February 23, 2006


1.  What reason does the editor give for questioning the motive of several leading politicians' opposition to Dubai Ports World's take over of operations at six U.S. ports?

2.  What conclusion is made about the politicians' motive for their opposition?

3.  List the amount of money each protesting politician received from the political action committee of the International Longshoremen's Association.

4.  Does the motive for their opposition negate the validity of their argument?  Explain your answer.

5.  What facts do you learn about ILA president John Bowers, and the Longshoremen's Association itself?

6.  Congress.org is not a U.S. government website.  It provides websites and email addresses for government officials and media representatives.  
Go to Congress.org to send an email to the editor of your local newspaper, as well as Michael Chertoff, Head of Homeland Security expressing your views about the Dubai Port World deal. (For further information about Congress.org, click here.)