North Korean defector harrassed for wearing MAGA hat in America

Thursday's Editorial - May 9, 2019


1. The family of the North Korean man in the video above was murdered by his government. He supports President Trump and appreciates what he is trying to do with North Korea.  He was happy to be wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat in support of Trump’s efforts.  What does the D.C. rapper’s actions say to you about Trump haters?

2. Among many incidents of other Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats:

The attacks generally involve a stronger, bigger person, or a person in authority over the one they are attacking. Interesting to note: conservatives who did not agree with President Obama’s policies - and even believed his policies were hurting America - did not attack people displaying his “Hope and Change” motto.

Why do you think people feel entitled to verbally and physically attack Trump supporters for expressing their views?

3. Self-proclaimed “open-minded” progressives across the country are attempting through threats, insults and violence to shut down and take away the free speech rights of anyone who does not agree with them 100% of the time.

What can Americans do to prevent a small group of people from taking away the free speech rights of others?

a) Ask a person you know who likes Trump if he/she would wear a "Make America Great Again" hat anywhere in public and to explain why or why not.
b) Ask at least 3 Trump supporters why they like the president. What do you think of their responses?