Morally Paralyzed

Thursday's Editorial - August 23, 2007


1.  How has the term "moral paralysis" generally been used?

2.  a) When could Hitler have been legitimately stopped "without the firing of a single shot?"
b)  Why didn't France stop Hitler at that time?

3.  Thomas Sowell asks "Is America today the France of yesterday?"  What do you think?  Explain your answer.

4.  What evidence is there that Iran is not building "peaceful" nuclear facilities?

5.  Re-read paragraphs 17-19.  Do you agree with Mr. Sowell's view of the U.N.?  Explain your answer.

6.  Sowell says in para. 20: "The Iranian leaders are not going to stop unless they get stopped. And, like Hitler, they don't think we have the guts to stop them."  Do you agree or disagree with this assertion?  Explain your answer.

7.  Share this article with a parent.  Ask for his/her opinions on questions 3, 5 and 6.  How do your answers compare?