Keep ISIS out: US should follow Brits’ lead

Thursday's Editorial - September 4, 2014


1. The purpose of an editorial/commentary is to explain, persuade, warn, criticize, entertain, praise or answer. What do you think is the purpose of this editorial? Explain your answer.

2. What problem does Ms. McCaughey lay out?

3. What solution does she present?

4. In her commentary, Ms. McCaughey writes:

“[British Prime Minister David} Cameron worked through the weekend to bring several proposals to the House of Commons on Monday. That’s the same weekend President Obama spent at a barbecue, two fund-raisers and the wedding of the White House chef. … In view of the ISIS threat, you’d think [Republican Speaker of the House John] Boehner and [Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid would shorten the August vacation and call a special session. But golf and politicking seem to preoccupy them as well as the president."

a) Do you agree with Ms. McCaughey’s assertion? Explain your answer.
b) Ask a parent the same questions.

CHALLENGE QUESTION: List at least 3 qualities necessary for an effective leader (in government). Keep in mind the qualities needed to deal with the spread of terrorism and the immigration crisis, conflicts in Ukraine, Israel/Gaza, Libya, Somalia, et al. Which leaders in our government do you think exhibit all three of these qualities?