Iran’s Unrequited War

Thursday's Editorial - October 25, 2012


NOTE TO STUDENTS:  This commentary is challenging.  But it is important for all Americans to consider what U.S. policy on Iran should be.  Read the article twice before answering the questions.  Look up definitions for unfamiliar words as you read.

1.  What is the main idea of Bret Stephens' commentary?

2.  List the attacks on Americans by the Iranian government as described by Mr. Stephens in his commentary.

3.  List the reaction to Iranian attacks on Americans by previous American presidents described by Mr. Stephens.

4.  Mr. Stephens concludes his commentary with this proposed solution:  "Sensible policy on Iran begins not with the question of how to avoid a war—that war was foisted on us in 1979—but how to win it. Anything less invites further terror and dishonors the memory of Iran's many American victims."  Do you agree with his assertion?  Explain your answer.