In Defense of AstroTurf

Thursday's Editorial - May 8, 2008


1.  What is the main point of Ryan Young's commentary?

2.  Answer the following questions with the facts that Mr. Young gives to support his assertions:

a) How many news outlets have run stories on the health hazards of artificial turf?

b) How have local officials and the Federal government reacted to the warnings about artificial turf?

c) Why have most major league baseball teams switched back to natural grass?

d) Why have many schools installed artificial turf?

e) How could students get lead poising from artificial turf? 

f) What would make it very difficult to get lead poisoning from artificial turf?

g) How many people have gotten lead poisoning from artificial turf in the 40 years since it was first used?

3.  Do you agree with Mr. Young's assertion that the press is unnecessarily scaring people about the use of artificial turf?  Explain your answer.