Does the MTV Generation Lack the Pilgrim Spirit?

Thursday's Editorial - November 15, 2007


1.  Define the following words as used in the article:

-counter-intuitive (para. 3)
-correlation (para. 5)
-empirical (para. 6)

2.  One aspect of last year's MTV "Wellbeing" poll was to look at how happy and optimistic young people felt in the fourteen countries surveyed.  List the percentages of young people age 16-34 who identified themselves as happy in the following countries:
-United States
-United Kingdom

3.  What did the study find about the relation of religious faith to happiness?

4.  Why should we reflect on what makes us happy (content) at Thanksgiving?

5.  In paragraph #7 Ken Connor says the following:
"Even though they were facing a long winter in a strange place, the Pilgrims set aside time for Thanksgiving, and this attitude, I am sure, was key to their happiness.  In modern America, and across much of the modern developed world, we do not give thanks in the way the Pilgrims did, even on Thanksgiving.  How many of us live in a spirit of gratitude, with humble appreciation for the many blessings God has given us?"
a) How would you answer Mr. Connor's question?
b) Do you agree with his assertion that a thankful attitude was key to the Pilgrims' happiness?

6.  a) What solution does Mr. Connor suggest to solve the problem of unhappiness among a majority of young people?
b)  What do you think of his suggestion?  Explain your answer.