Compassion and the Decline of America

Thursday's Editorial - May 3, 2007


1.  In his commentary, Dennis Prager asserts that compassion has trumped all other values.  List the 4 values eliminated by compassion, according to Mr. Prager.

2.  How does the loss of each value harm society?

3.  a) Which of the 4 have you experienced personally?  Describe your experience. 
b) Ask a parent the same question.

4.  The first step to solving any problem is to be aware that there is a problem.  How can individuals alert others to the problems with compassion being used as the primary determinant in public policy?

5.  Do you agree with Dennis Prager that "Compassion as the primary determinant of behavior is effective in personal life.  In making public policy, it is a morally and socially destructive guideline" ? (para. 16)
Explain your answer.