Christmas Season, Not Holiday Season

Thursday's Editorial - December 13, 2012


1.  For each of the following statements made by Mr. Kerwick, write agree or disagree, and explain your answers.

  1. "The season in question is what it has always been: the Christmas season. Everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike, must know this to be true -- regardless of whether they choose to recognize the Christmas season for what it is or not." (from para. 5-6)
  2. "There would be no "Holiday Season" if not for Christmas. Our culture and our economy -- our country -- benefit incalculably from the birth of [Jesus] in a manger some 2,000 years ago. In some sense, at some level of consciousness, there is scarcely a soul in America who doesn't know this." (from para. 10)
  3. "Those time-honored practices that mark "the Holiday Season" -- the exchanging of gifts, say, and the expression of "good will toward all men" that translates into an increase in charitable giving -- have their roots in the traditional Christian account of the birth of Jesus." (from para. 13)

2.  Do you think Mr. Kerwick persuades readers to agree with his point of view? Explain your answer.

3.  A December 2010 Gallup poll found that: "Ninety-five percent of Americans celebrate Christmas, and of these, 51% describe the holiday as "strongly religious" for them, continuing an upward trend seen since 1989."  
a)  Should retailers omit the mention of Christmas in their Christmas sales?  Explain your answer.
b)  Should schools prohibit students from singing Christmas carols, putting up Christmas decorations, etc.?  Explain your answer.