Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism

Thursday's Editorial - February 9, 2006


1.  What is the key issue at stake in the battle over the twelve cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammed printed in a Danish newspaper, according to Daniel Pipes?  (To view the cartoons, click here and scroll down.)

2.  The state-controlled newspapers in Arab countries routinely print offensive cartoons of other religions and America.  (For examples of these cartoons, click here.) What does Dr. Pipes believe is a deeper issue in the cartoon controversy than the double standard by which Muslims are free to insult other religions?  (To read what the Taliban did to two 1,700 year old statues of Buddha, click here.)
Do you agree with his assertion?  Explain your answer.

3.  To view video of Muslim reaction to the cartoons, click here and view Clip #'s 1025 and 1022.  Do you think that on the whole, Muslims support a right to free speech for all?

4.  The Danish imams who were offended by the cartoons deceived other Muslim leaders by including 2 cartoons that were NOT posted by the Danish newspaper. (To view the cartoons added by Danish imams click here.)
Which one of the 10 commandments, adhered to by Muslims, Christians and Jews, did the imams break by distorting the facts of the newspaper/cartoon controversy?

5.  Should any government representatives apologize for, or criticize the actions of, the free press?  Explain your answer.