Canadian Health Care We So Envy Lies In Ruins, Its Architect Admits

Thursday's Editorial - December 11, 2008


1.  What role did Claude Castonguay play in the health care system in Canada in the 1960's?

2.  What did Mr. Castonguay conclude this year about his government-run health care system?

3.  What solution does Mr. Castonguay propose for Canada's government-run health care system? (see para. 7-8)

4.  Describe some of the problems with the government-run health care systems in Canada (para. 10-15) and England (para. 16-19).

5.  What is the main point of Mr. Gratzer's commentary?

6.  Show a parent this article and ask whether he/she supports a government-run (universal) health care system in the U.S. and to explain why or why not.