Airborne Laser Could Save Us

Thursday's Editorial - October 1, 2009


1. What does Mr. Smith describe as a problem in his commentary?

2. What solution does Mr. Smith offer?

3. What do you think about the ABL program and the U.S. Air Force, Missile Defense Agency and private companies that developed it?

4. How does Mr. Smith refute the criticism that ABL is very expensive? Does he make a good argument? Explain your answer.

5. Do you agree with the President's decision to cut the ABL program? Explain your answer.

6. Watch the videos in the "Resources" box below.  Do you think the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) scenario is a realistic threat?  Explain your answer.

OPTIONAL: If you believe the ABL system is necessary to ensure the safety of Americans, send an email to your representatives in Congress asking them to reinstate funding for the ABL program.  Or, if you oppose funding the ABL system, send an email expressing your opinion.  Remember to be clear, concise and polite.
--To contact your representative, go to
--To contact your senators, go to

Email your reaction to Mr. Smith's commentary at  Remember to identify yourself (name, school, state), name the article you are commenting on, and that you read it at Be clear, concise and polite.