655,000 War Dead?

Thursday's Editorial - October 19, 2006


1.  What credentials does Steven E. Moore have that establish his credibility as a reputable researcher?

2.  What were the results of a Johns Hopkins University study on Iraqi deaths from the war?

3.  Why was Mr. Moore surprised by the results of the study?

4.  Describe the method most researchers use to conduct surveys in developing countries.

5.  What is necessary to produce a valid cluster sampling, according to Mr. Moore? 

6.  Why was Mr. Moore astonished about the Johns Hopkins use of cluster points?  How does Mr. Moore use a United Nations survey to prove his point?

7.  What is the problem with not using enough cluster points in a survey?

8.  How can a researcher validate the accuracy of his survey (show that it accurately represents the people he is surveying)?

9.  Re-read the last two paragraphs of this commentary.  Do you agree with Mr. Moore's conclusion?  Explain your answer.