White House Invader

Friday's Editorial Cartoon   —   Posted on October 3, 2014


1. To what recent news item does this cartoon refer?
a) an intruder who said he needed to relax was able to sneak into the President’s living quarters at the White House and spend time with the President and his family
b) The news that President Obama is going to appoint a woman to take over as head of the Secret Service for the first time in its history
c) an intruder armed with a knife was able to scale the White House fence, run across the lawn, enter the house and made it into the East Room before being apprehended
d) the Secret Service failed to do a background check on an armed security contractor with a criminal record who was allowed to share an elevator with President Obama

2. Which comic device does the cartoonist use to make his point?
a) exaggeration
b) pun
c) parody
d) irony

Cartoon by Jerrry Holbert