United Nations

Friday's Editorial Cartoon   —   Posted on September 28, 2012


Editorial cartoonists often uses humor to make a point about a serious situation.

1.  What point is Jerry Holbert making in his cartoon?
a)  Israel should immediately carry out a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear program
b)  Iran needs to be taken more seriously as their actions contradict their speech
c)  Iran is just an annoyance to Israel that should be ignored
d)  Israel is afraid of Iran because the UN gives this aggressive nation legitimacy 

2.  What is the point of Michael Ramirez's cartoon?
a)  President Obama is ignoring crucial matters, instead choosing to campaign for re-election
b)  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to monopolize President Obama's time and the President is trying to avoid him
c)  taking time out from the stress-filled job of president is necessary 
d)  President Obama is a good golfer 

Cartoon by Jerry Holbert.

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez.