Friday's Editorial Cartoon   —   Posted on March 13, 2009


Before answering the questions, read about teleprompters below question #3.

1.  Why is the cartoonist poking fun at President Obama for being overly reliant on teleprompters?

2.  Without asking whether they voted for President Obama, try to get opinions from parents/teachers, etc. on whether they think this cartoon is funny and why.  (Those who support the president will probably not laugh and those who don't support him will probably think it is funny.)

3.  How do you think the media would react if President Bush had used teleprompters to the extent that President Obama does?

(From A teleprompter is used to display smooth scrolling text (similar to credits at the end of a movie). ... As the text is read, a teleprompter operator uses a computer to control the speed of the scrolling text to closely follow the speech pattern and delivery of the speaker.

Next time [President Obams is speaking, look for] the two panes of glass that are positioned at the corners of [his] podium. The glass reflect monitors that have the entire speech scrolling on them. While the text is seen clearly from behind the podium, it is completely invisible to the audience in front. ...

Teleprompting is used to enhance performances in front of a camera or live audience. Benefits include:

Reprinted here with permission from Creators News Service.