Nobody Will Suspect

Friday's Editorial Cartoon   —   Posted on September 5, 2014


1.  Editorial cartoonists often use humor to make light of serious situations. How does this cartoonist take a lighthearted approach to a serious situation?

2.  Which of the following statements is false (not a real news item)?

a) It has been learned that most ISIS fighters with British and U.S. citizenship vacation in Mexico before returning to their own countries after waging jihad.

b) British Prime Minister David Cameron called Monday for a new law to give police the temporary power to seize a passport of British citizens returning from Syria and Iraq, suspected of fighting with ISIS or other terrorist groups.

c) After Britain last week raised the terror-threat assessment there to “severe,” meaning an attack is “highly likely,” Prime Minister David Cameron called for revoking passports of British citizens returning from Syria and Iraq and cracking down on jihadist recruiters, even by censoring the Internet and rounding up extremist organizers.

d) In the aftermath of the sadistic murder of American journalist James Foley by a suspected London-born ISIS recruit, increasing attention is being paid to the radicalization of Muslims from the West who are joining the conflict in Iraq and Syria.

e) U.S. and European security services estimate that more than 1,000 of jihadist militants fighting in Iraq and Syria were drawn to the conflict from Western nations with some estimates putting the number as high as 3,000.

f) Many Mexican immigrants have been persuaded to join ISIS fighters to wage jihad as a way to acquire U.S. or British citizenship.

Matt, Daily Telegraph