Election 2020

Friday's Editorial Cartoon   —   Posted on November 13, 2020


1. Cartoonists often use exaggeration to make a point. What point is the cartoonist making through exaggeration in Cartoon #1?

2. Which one best describes the main idea of cartoon #2?
a) Joe Biden is unable to walk on his own
b) the media and social media worked with the Democrats to hide/block news on the Hunter Biden scandal in an attempt to help Joe Biden win the race
c) Joe Biden wears a mask even though members of the Democratic party, the media and social media refuse to do so

3. Editorial cartoonists often use symbols to represent a person, group or idea. What does the donkey symbolize in Cartoon #3?
4. The is the cartoonist implying about Democrats?
5. Do you agree with the cartoonist’s assertion? Explain your answer.

6. Tone is the attitude a cartoonist takes towards a subject. Which pair of words best describes the tone of this cartoon?
a) light-hearted/humorous
b) irrational/delusional
c) exasperated/irritated
d) resigned/defeated

Cartoon #1 by Dana Summers

Cartoon #2 by Gary Varvel

Cartoon #3 by Margolis & Cox