Cartoon Safe Space

Friday's Editorial Cartoon   —   Posted on November 13, 2015


NOTE: “Safe Space” is a fairly new term which typically refers to areas on university campuses where perceived bigotry toward victim groups, harassment or disagreement about politics is not tolerated. While advocates laud safe spaces as sanctuaries for those who are discriminated against, critics have argued they promote anti-intellectual attitudes and stifle free speech.

1. What device does the cartoonist use to highlight this trend on college campuses?
a) caricature
b) sarcasm
c) symbol
d) understatement
e) hyperbole

2. Which statement do you think best describes the cartoonist’s intended meaning? Explain your answer.
a) A university education is supposed to represent free thinking, logic, debate, dissent and open inquiry
b) Under their new regime of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and the right to not be offended, the intolerant have eliminated free thinking, logic, debate, dissent and open inquiry on college campuses.
c) The only way editorial cartoonists can protect themselves from the rage of offended college students is to draw blank cartoons.

Cartoon by Bob Gorrell