Wounded Warrior Project accused of wasting donation money

Daily News Article - January 28, 2016


1. What did a CBS News investigation discover about how the non-profit Wounded Warrior Project spends its donation money? (How does it contrast with such upstanding veterans’ organizations as Disabled American Vets and Fisher House?)

2. How much money did the Wounded Warrior Project raise in donations in 2014? - How much of that was not spent on the actual veterans?

3. The two former servicemen quoted by name for the CBS investigation of the charity Wounded Warriors Project are:

Army Staff Sergeant Erick Millette, who admired and worked as a public speaker for WWP from 2013 to 2015

Captain Ryan Kules, who currently works for WWP as Director of Alumni and was a recipient of their services

a) What does Sgt. Millette accuse Wounded Warrior Project of doing? (Why did he quit working for them?) Be specific.

b) How does Capt. Kules defend the charity’s lavish spending on employee get-aways?

4. a) In addition to Sgt. Millette, how many other former employees say the charity’s spending is out of control?
b) What examples did one of them give?

5. Former employees say spending has skyrocketed since Steven Nardizzi took over as CEO in 2009. Many point to the 2014 annual meeting at a luxury resort in Colorado Springs as typical of his style: "He rappelled down the side of a building at one of the all hands events. He's come in on a Segway, he's come in on a horse." About 500 staff members attended the four-day conference in Colorado which cost about $3 million.
By how much did spending on conferences and meetings FOR EMPLOYEES increase from 2010 to 2014?

6. Why do you think Mr. Narduzzi refused to speak to CBS News about the allegations?

7. Watch the videos under “Resources.” Do you think Sgt. Millette and the 40 former employees are telling the truth? Explain your answer.