Voters Weigh Taxes, Wages and Legalizing Pot

Daily News Article - November 3, 2015


NOTE TO STUDENTS: Before answering the questions, read the “Background” below the questions.

1. a) What is a ballot measure?
b) What is the difference between an initiative and a referendum?

2. In how many states were there state-level ballot propositions on the ballot this year?

3. List the types of questions asked in this year’s ballot measures as mentioned in the article. Be specific.

4. a) Why is Ohio’s proposal to legalize marijuana controversial among supporters?
b) In addition to people who use marijuana, who backs the proposed law?
c) Who opposes the passage of this proposed legislation?
d) How might the marijuana proposal be derailed even if it passes?

5. Visit the StudentNewsDaily “Election Resources” page at: and find the link for “State Election Websites” and go to Ballotpedia at:
a) List the national and state races, as well as the ballot measures for your state.
b) Discuss with a parent how he/she is voting in your state’s elections and to explain his/her choices.
NOTE: Many people prefer to keep their voting choices private. This answer is not for class discussion.