Utah lawmakers pass bill allowing for execution by firing squad

Daily News Article - March 12, 2015


1. If signed into law by the governor, what would the bill passed by Utah’s senate on Tuesday allow the state to do?

2. How does Utah state Rep. Paul Ray explain his reason for proposing this legislation?

3. In 2004, Utah made lethal injection the only form of capital punishment permitted. Why was the last execution performed in the state (in 2010) done by firing squad?

4. When is the next execution scheduled to take place in Utah?

5. How is Utah’s Gov. Gary Herbert expected to respond to the bill passed by the state house and senate?

6. What is the only other state that allows execution by firing squad? In what circumstances would this be used?

7. Why is there a shortage of one of the drugs used for lethal injection executions?

8. Some in the media have portrayed the Republican-led passage of a law legalizing execution by firing squad as inhumane or barbaric as compared to lethal injection. Why do you think these state representatives voted for a measure that is portrayed as inhumane?

CHALLENGE: Do you think people who support physician assisted suicide but oppose the death penalty as inhumane punishment would support it if the state used the same drugs doctors used for physician assisted suicide?
Ask 3-5 people if they support one but not the other and to answer the question above.