US Takes First Stand Against Chinese Cyber Espionage

Daily News Article   —   Posted on April 1, 2013

image809(from NTD TV) – The Chinese regime is criticizing the first real step the United States has taken in response to Chinese cyber espionage.  

The Chinese military has been accused of hacking critical U.S. networks. On Tuesday, President Barack Obama signed new laws to ban most sectors of the U.S. government from buying information technology made by companies linked to the Chinese government.
China’s Foreign Ministry says the U.S. should abandon the law. 
“This bill uses Internet security as an excuse to take discriminatory steps against Chinese companies. It is not beneficial to mutual trust between China and the United States nor to the development of trade and economic relations.”
But that trust has already been violated. Years of research by the security firm Mandiant led to revelations that the Chinese regime has waged an aggressive campaign of cyber espionage against the United States and other countries around the world. 
The new legislation effectively prohibits the Commerce and Justice Department, NASA, and the National Science Foundation from buying IT made by companies that are, “owned, operated, or subsidized,” by the Chinese regime.
The provision is only good until September 30th. That’s when the fiscal year ends. So this is only a move against China in the short term. 
There are also questions over how the provisions will be implemented. IT systems are often the product of complex assembly, sourced from different companies from around the world. Tracing every component to its source could be difficult.
China has been called an “IT menace” by Google founder Eric Schmidt and former senior official at the Homeland Security Department Stewart Baker says the provision is a sign of things to come.

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