US drops ‘Mother of all Bombs’ on ISIS target in Afghanistan

Daily News Article - April 14, 2017


1. What is MOAB? Be specific.

2. What is significant about the military’s use of this bomb?

3. a) Where was this bomb used?
b) What is a possible reason for the use of this bomb at this time in this area?

4. What did President Trump say about the military and the mission?

5. a) What do you think about the use of the MOAB against ISIS? (Good military strategy? Used too soon? Not soon enough?…) Explain your answer.
b) Why do you think we have not used this tactic in working toward the defeat of ISIS until now?

6. Watch the video under “Resources.”
a) What did President Trump say when asked if dropping the MOAB would deter North Korea’s belligerence?
b) What do you think of his response? Too tough, not tough enough, or the right response? Explain your answer.